New England's Unsolved: The search for Freidy Baez

New England's Unsolved investigates the search for Freidy Baez

BOSTON — "He said ‘I’m sorry he didn’t make it,’ and that’s going play in my head forever."

Maribel Collazo remembers the day in 2014 when her husband George Sanchez, a hardworking father of six, was stabbed and left to die right outside their front door on Ames Street in Dorchester.

"It was the worst day of our lives. It still is,” she said.

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Police say Sanchez was stabbed to death by 26-year-old Freidy Baez.

Boston Stabbing and a Fugitive on the Run

"He had some words with Freidy Baez those words quickly accelerated to an argument and a physical altercation leading to the stabbing death of George Sanchez,” Boston Police Sgt. Det. Richard Daley said.

Boston police told FOX25’s Bob Ward that Baez and Sanchez may have known each other. There was some kind of falling out between them and that night, Boston police say Baez used a knife to settle their differences.

“Any stabbing is always personal,” Daley said.

After Sanchez was fatally stabbed, Boston police say Baez jumped over a rail and ran down the street. That was the last time anyone saw Freidy Baez. The Boston Police Fugitive Squad scoured the area, but after nearly two years, the trail has gone cold.

“We ran into some roadblocks, some dead ends,” Daley said.

U.S. Marshals Join the Search

Now U.S. Marshals are joining Boston police and extending the hunt beyond United States borders. It is possible Baez is in the Dominican Republic.

“When he does make a misstep were going to be right there to arrest him and bring him back for justice,” U.S. Marshal Kevin Neal said.

Baez may be using his full name: Freidy Baez Guerrero. At 5-feet-11-inches, 150 pounds, he is of average size, but he does have at least one distinctive feature.

"His ears kind of stand out as far as being very large and protruding,” Neal said.

Freidy Baez Wanted Poster
Freidy Baez Wanted Poster

A Family's Grief

Collazo told FOX25 her husband’s death has left a huge void.

"They took him away from, his family,” she said.

Sanchez was not only the father of six, but also a grandfather. He was one of eight children, a talented mechanic, and a volunteer at Rosie’s Place.

His family just wants justice.

“It’s not going bring him back but it’s going give us a little bit of closure,” Collazo said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the US Marshals at (617) 748-2566, there is a reward being offered for Baez’ arrest.