New device can unlock password protected computers

New device can unlock password protected computers

BOSTON — A $50 device and an app are all it takes for someone to get easy access to your computer. Together they can trick your computer into thinking it is a trusted connection and steal your password.  Your password will not stop the hackers, no matter how strong it is.

FOX25's Mark Ockerbloom learned how these devices work and what you can do to turn the tables on someone trying to hack into your computer.

Here's a researcher demonstrating how almost anyone can steal user names and passwords from locked computers using a USB device and some software.

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Robert Siciliano, a security expert with Hotspot Shield, is concerned about how hacking has evolved and said this device could make it easy for anyone to hack a computer.

"It will become a big problem and in the wrong hands this device is extremely dangerous. Everyone is vulnerable,  all of your money - all of your finances can all be liquidated".

Siciliano said anyone can buy all the necessary components to create this hack on their own. They could in turn plug the device into a spouse's or employer's computer and gain access to it without their password.


- Don't allow sites to remember your passwords. If someone hacks into your computer, they can get into these websites.

- Encrypt all the data on your computer.  If someone gets past your log in they would still need a way to get past the encrypted files.

Siciliano said it is important to remember this is not remote hacking and to be mindful of who has access to your computer.

"The key is to never let anyone access your device without your knowledge. It could be a friend, it could be a family member, it could be a spouse, it could be a contractor - your devices that sit in your home or office to anyone what wants access that has these devices in their possession".