New crackdown on delivery of booze to Southie beaches

Violators face license action after city gets numerous complaints

BOSTON — One thing you have to say about the alcohol prohibition along South Boston’s beaches: you can’t say they don’t warn you. Every dozen feet or so, signs indicate alcohol is not allowed on the beach - a rule that apparently some are ignoring.

On June 10, the Boston Licensing Board held an emergency hearing involving all its licensees, plus city officials and police, to come up with ways to curb a new problem: the delivery of alcohol to beachgoers.

“It’s a little excessive, I would think,” said Claire Walsh, who was trying to soak up what little sun was coming through Tuesday’s overcast sky on M Street Beach. “That’s a little crazy trying to figure out how to maneuver that.”

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One way to maneuver that is to give an address to the delivery driver of a house near the beach and then meet the courier there. Getting booze ‘delivered to the beach’ in that way does not seem to be addressed in new regulations from the licensing board, which specifically prohibit the delivery to any Department of Conservation and Recreation [DCR] property.

Walsh thinks eligible adults should be allowed to drink on the beach, provided they conduct themselves in a safe manner. That view was shared by others Boston 25 spoke with, mostly younger people and some new to the area.

“It just seems like people who have been inside for a year or so, now, finally weather’s nice and they have the opportunity to be outside and have fun with friends, and I think drinking’s just part of that,” said Arman Koul. “It’s not necessarily all of it, but it’s more so just the camaraderie of being outside in the beautiful weather.”

But longtime City Councilor Ed Flynn, who supports the crackdown, tweeted that neighbors and families shouldn’t have to deal with litter, fights and what he called ‘quality of life’ issues.