• New blood, urine tests could help diagnose autism sooner, study says


    Scientists are getting closer to developing blood and urine tests for autism that could lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment of the condition

    The new research could be the start of a promising outlook for parents.

    The scientists are from the United Kingdom and Italy, and the tests they're working on look for damage to certain proteins, which are shown to be higher in children with autism spectrum disorders.

    The study was published Monday in the journal Molecular Autism, but there are some reservations.

    The study involved a small group -- just 69 children from 5- to-12-years-old. Experts caution that the tests are far from becoming available clinically and that more research involving more children, needs to be done.

    Scientists are looking for a way to diagnosis autism spectrum disorders earlier. Right now, autism is confirmed through a series of behavioral tests, once children are suspected of being on the spectrum.

    In the United States, more than 3.5 million people live with autism spectrum disorders, according to the Autism Society.

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