• NE Revolution signs Special Olympics athletes for 2018 Unified Team


    Seven new soccer players have joined the New England Revolution.

    In an event at Gillette Stadium Wednesday, the seven Special Olympics athletes signed their contracts, officially becoming members of the 2018 Unified Team with several volunteer partners by their sides.

    Head coach Brad Friedel welcomed the eager players.

    "You're gonna be wearing the logo, OK, you’re gonna be representing the New England Revolution and we do that in style. Deal? Deal!" said Friedel.

    Revs defender Andrew Farrell mentored the young unified players who have as much heart as he does.

    "It feels great for us. It feels equally as great for us to just help and be around them," said Farrell.

    Veteran unified player Jimmy Keith is excited to be back and prepare for the unified match against Philadelphia in August.

    Last year, against the Chicago Fire's Unified team, Jimmy saved some goals and came out of the net as forward, too.

    "I expect it's gonna be hard because they’re also a pretty good team, but I’m just gonna come with a really good strong mentality in that," said Keith.

    His teammates are just as excited to get out on the field.

    "I am gonna score three goals, and Coach, I think we’re gonna win again," said Aaron Allen.

    It's a lot of fun, but hard work, too. They'll need to practice before the big game.

    "It's as intense as our games. It's a lot of fun and very competitive and just love for the game love for the sport."

    An event so much more than a game. The club calls it a partnership and an opportunity to create relationships and foster inclusion and friendly competition.

    The game will be on August 11. The Special Olympians will join the Revs players for a training session before then and practice themselves. 

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