Lawn company allegedly vandalizes 87-year-old grandmother's yard over $35 dispute

87-Year-Old Grandmother's Yard Allegedly Vandalized Over $35 Dispute

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Tennessee woman's yard reportedly was vandalized by a lawn care company, and her granddaughter confronted one of the employees in a viral video.

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According to WHBQ, the lawn care company, Innovative Lawn Solutions, hacked up the 87-year-old woman's front yard in Memphis over a $35 fee that employees claim was unpaid.

The company apologized after being criticized online and having its Facebook page spammed with one-star reviews.

In a neighborhood full of manicured lawns, an "X" marks the spot of Verda Lowe’s front yard.

“I didn’t believe it,” she said. “I just stood there and looked.”

Lowe watched in horror from her front door.

“She said he dropped [the riding mower] all the way to the ground and cut across her yard. His crew was laughing and joking while he was doing it, egging him on,” said Lakisha Davis, Lowe’s granddaughter who took the viral video of the confrontation.

Davis rushed to her grandmother’s rescue when she heard the company was causing the problems.

Things got heated.

“It was you! Why you do this to my grandma’s yard?” Davis said to the company’s owner.

“Your grandmama owes me,” the man responded.

The company’s owner believed he was owed $35, something Lowe disputes.

“If he felt like she owed him money, he should’ve gone through a legal route,” Davis said.

The small business apologized at length on Facebook Sunday, just one day after the incident. The owner said he was remorseful and offered a sincere apology.

He also offered a free year of lawn care and to fix the problem.

Lowe said she does not want the owner or his company back on her property.

“I just don’t trust him anymore,” said Lowe.

Lowe told WHBQ that she is going to continue living in the house she has called home for more than 50 years.

She will watch as the grass grows again.

“I just don’t have any words,” Lowe said.