Mitch McConnell's Twitter blasts Barstool Sports: 'watch your mouth, fellas'

Mitch McConnell's Twitter blasts Barstool Sports: 'watch your mouth, fellas'

Senate Majority Mitch McConnell will always defend Kentucky ... sports, that is.

McConnell's Team Mitch twitter account, known for trolling politicians, celebrities and others, took aim at the irreverent and populist sports news website Barstool Sports on Thursday for making fun of Kentucky athletics.

McConnell graduated from the University of Louisville and also earned a law degree from the University of Kentucky.

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On the Barstool podcast "Pros and Joes," Charlotte Hornets forward Frank Kaminsky blasted Kentucky sports fans.

"I think the most annoying fanbase I've personally ever had any interaction with is Kentucky," Kaminsky said during the podcast. "The intelligence level as a whole of the Kentucky fan base ... the collective 120 IQ that it is."

Kaminsky likely won't mind the backlash in Kentucky, as he's already known as a villain in the Bluegrass State. His Badgers upset the Wildcats in the 2015 Final Four, ending Kentucky's chances of a perfect season.

That was compounded by an infamous 2011 tweet in which he said "I hate Kentucky."

On the podcast, Kaminsky revealed that the tweet was a result of him visiting Louisville for his sister's volleyball tournament.

"I just had the worst time," he said. "I just hated being in Kentucky."

The Kentucky Republican's campaign account was quick to clap back.

"Watch your mouth, fellas," the Team Mitch account said in response.

McConnell's twitter accounts have been quick to weigh in on a variety of issues such as Asian Carp, his opinion piece in the Courier Journal on Tuesday and Kentucky sports this past week.

But the leader of the Senate has yet to publicly address President Donald Trump's tweets from Wednesday asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to stop the Department of Justice's probe into whether his campaign colluded with Russians in the 2016 election. Critics on both sides of the aisle are classifying Trump's comments as an obstruction of justice.

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