Nathan Carman civil trial: Former owner says 'no good reason' to alter boat

Nathan Carman civil trial: Former owner says 'no good reason' to alter boat

The civil insurance claim case in federal court is raising more questions about what really happened in September 2016 when the boat Nathan Carman and his mother were on suddenly sank.

The former boat owner fully refurbished the boat and can't figure out for the life of him why someone would make the changes that Carman did. A marine expert testified the changes made likely caused it to sink.

"It was a great boat. Nothing wrong with it," said Bernard Feeney, who surveyed the boat when Carman bought it in 2015. "I stand by the report. The boat is in excellent condition."

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The insurance companies are suing Carman after he put in for a claim on the $85,000 policy. The companies say Carman made drastic alterations including removing bulkheads that help create air pockets to keep the boat afloat if it takes on water.

Carman says he and his mother were fishing when the boat started sinking. Carman was found a week later and his mother was never found and is presumed dead.

Carman was already being looked at for the murder of his grandfather. The family has a multi-million dollar inheritance that Carman is in line for.

The former boat owner testified there is no logical reason to alter the boat Carman did.

"There's no good reason. I can't explain why anyone would do that," said Brian Woods. "Intentional or unintentional, I don't understand why he would do that."

Carman's attorney is also making the argument that the former owner took advantage of his client during the sale of the boat and sold him something that was not safe.