MUST SEE: Patient at Mass General gets surprise visit from best friend

Patient gets surprise visit from her best friend

BOSTON — A local man wanted to make sure this Mother’s Day was one he and his mother would never forget.

Nancee Babson has been in and out of Massachusetts General Hospital for much of the past year because of health issues. Nancee has advanced heart failure, cardiovascular disease, stage 4 chronic kidney disease and diabetes. What she thought was a visit from another nurse on Sunday turned out to be her Mother’s Day gift from her son.

The nurse pretended to take Nancee’s vitals before pulling down her mask and revealing she was actually Nancee’s best friend, Kim, in disguise. The two friends hadn’t seen each other in months. Kim lives in New York. Plans the friends had made to meet up had to be postponed because of Nancee’s health.

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Nancee’s son, Holden Babson, set up the surprise visit.

“I don't know how many more Mother's Days I'll get to spend with her,” Holden said. “This one was really special and I will hold that memory in my heart forever.”

Nancee said Holden is known for being a prankster, but she didn’t see this surprise coming.

“I don't think he could have done anything better to bring us both together,” Nancee said. “That was very nice and meant so much to me.”

The video of the surprise visit has gone viral on social media.

Nancee has a Facebook page where you can follow her journey and leave her a message.