• Witness: East Boston stabbing victim asked for cab, not ambulance


    BOSTON - An investigation is underway after police say multiple people were stabbed in East Boston early Thursday morning.

    According to Boston EMS, three men were taken to hospitals to be treated for injuries related to the stabbing. Two of the men were found on Gove Street and one was located on Border Street.

    One of the stabbing victims suffered three wounds to his back and one to his chest. He walked to a nearby CVS and asked the clerks inside to call him a cab rather than an ambulance as he was starting to lose consciousness and color in his face.

    The clerks refused.

    “What if I did call just call him the taxi and he left, what if he died? Because he was extremely pale, you know what I mean? He was wobbling a little bit so I was holding him up telling him not to go to sleep,” witness Michael Rodriguez said.

    A fourth man was able to get to a hospital on his own to be treated for stab wounds. Police say all suffered "minor cuts."

    Boston police are continuing to investigate the incident and anyone with information about it should give them a call.

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