• MSPCA: Over 2 dozen farm animals rescued before bomb cyclone hit


    NEVINS, Mass. - Over two dozen farm animals were rescued from the bitter cold at an inadequate central Massachusetts farm before last week’s bomb cyclone, according to the MSPCA. 

    The owner of the farm surrender the animals, which included chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, a cow and an alpaca, before last week’s winter storm. The owner asked the MSCPCA to take the animals as they realized the animals would not have enough protection from the cold at the farm. 

    “Some of the animals are in rough shape, with various illnesses that we’ll need to treat—but the primary issue is that they did not have adequate shelter to protect against the bitter cold, which resulted in a collapse of their collective health,” said Mike Keiley, director of adoption centers and programs at the MSPCA-Angell. 

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    He added all are not resting comfortable at the MSPCA-Nevins Farm. They were rescued on Dec. 27 and brought into the barn for a veterinary assessment. 

    “It is believed the previous owner wanted to establish a working farm but lacked the experience and expertise to ensure the animals’ wellbeing, especially during the recent unprecedented cold snap,” the MSPCA explained in a news release. 

    Some of the animals are underweight and others are suffering from irritating but treatable issues such as parasites and worms. 

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    “Fortunately, we can treat these illnesses and, with food and warm shelter, the animals should recover,” said Keiley, who alongside the team at Nevins Farm spent the last few days cordoning off space in the barn now packed with some 91 animals awaiting new homes. “The new arrivals increased our population by 25 percent—which is especially challenging given that the harsh winter will no doubt lead to more farm animal surrenders in the coming months.” 

    The MSPCA is asking for donations to help care for the animals and is also looking for people interested in adopting the animals. 

    Anyone who wishes to adopt can email farmadoptions@mspca.org.


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