• MSP trooper relieved of duty after arrest outside Rhode Island nightclub


    NEWPORT, R.I. - A Massachusetts State Police trooper has been relieved of duty after he was arrested outside a nightclub in Newport, Rhode Island, on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, state police spokesman Dave Procopio said.

    Brian Kilfoyle, 31, of Berkley, was arrested early Sunday outside One Pelham East.

    The Providence Journal reports Kilfoyle was asked to leave the club and, according to Newport police, banged on the windows to be let back in as police dealt with another incident at the club. Newport police said in the arrest report that Kilfoyle was "belligerent" and approached the officers and told them "you'd better watch your back ... and gun," the Journal reported.

    Kilfoyle was asked to leave the area by police and refused and was eventually arrested after he attempted to punch one of the officers, according to the Journal.

    The Mass. State Police said Kilfoyle was immediately relieved of duty, and his badge, gun and cruiser were taken. The status is temporary, and Kilfoyle must appear before the duty relief board on Wednesday where "a board of three commissioned officers will determine whether his duty status should be changed, and if so, what it should be," Procopio said in an emailed statement. 

    "The Department condemns the conduct as alleged, will monitor the criminal proceedings in Rhode Island, and will open our own Internal Affairs case," the statement said.

    Kilfoyle was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and is scheduled to appear for his arraignment in Rhode Island on Sept. 25.

    Procopio said the duty hearing Wednesday will determine if Kilfoyle will remain on active duty, be placed on restrictive duty with no contact with the public and no department-issued equipment, or be suspended with or without pay.

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