Colonel: MSP troopers will be investigated for overtime pay discrepancies

BOSTON — A number of Massachusetts State Police troopers will be investigated for discrepancies in overtime pay and hours worked, according to Colonel Kerry Gilpin.

An audit uncovered discrepancies between actual hours worked and overtime paid to Troopers.

State police said earlier this year an internal audit of patrol shifts assigned to officers within Troop E found evidence that shifts assigned were not always worked and that troopers were still paid.

“We are expanding this audit even further…to include all troops,” said Gilpin. "I came on this job for a reason: to make a difference; for public respect; for public trust. And to think that these alleged actions occurred, not just prior to me, but under my watch. And that's why we expanded it to go Commonwealth wide, looking at all the overtime patrols, to make sure this does not happen again."

There will be hearings scheduled for some troopers, Gilpin said.

Col. Gilpin added Troopers could face suspension without pay based on the results of the hearings and criminal charges may be warranted if MSP rules were violated.

"the first thing I would say is that his investigation was started by Col. McKeon and continued by Col. Gilpin and what she's done made a pretty clear statement that this sort of activity and this sort of behavior is not going to be tolerated," Gov. Charlie Baker said Tuesday. "They are a strong, good well trained unit, but clearly there are some people here who broke the rules...and went well beyond what would be consider appropriate behavior."

The overtime shifts involve ‘accident and injury reduction patrols’ (AIR Patrols), which have since been discontinued, Gilpin said.