• Mount Ida student worried about her career amid UMass acquisition


    The multi-million dollar acquisition of Mount Ida by the University of Massachusetts continues to spark controversy as some students say they're being left behind. 

    When the acquisition was first announced, many were immediately concerned with the deal as many of the courses offered at Mount Ida aren't available at any of the UMass locations.

    Haley Falzone is a junior at Mount Ida who is close to finishing her final chapter in the dental hygiene program with a year of clinicals under her belt. However, Falzone worries she may have to repeat classes and spend extra money in order to finish her degree.

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    "It’s really frustrating because this is the first year I found out I loved what I’m going to be doing hopefully for the rest of my life and I really loved my teachers and now none of them have jobs," said Haley.

    Haley said she learned about all of this alongside her teachers and classmates through an email from the college's president sent out on April 6, where he announced the school would be closing in May.

    Students with specialty degrees such as Haley's said they are confused as to what the future will hold for them since their degrees aren't available at UMass locations and their alternatives being provided keep changing.

    "We were so excited to finish the semester because it was our first year of dental hygiene class we’re like 'yeah we’re almost done with clinic' and next thing you know we get this email we have no where to go now,'" said Haley.

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    The Falzones were intially told that, when Mount Ida was going to be dissolved into UMass, Regis College would take over the dental hygiene program - yet recently, they were just told the opposite.

    “We’re not getting any cut and dry answers from her program, it’s hearsay on internet you see things on twitter, IG social media platforms - no one has given us clear direction on what’s going to happen with dental hygiene program," said Peter Falzone, Haley's father. 

    "She’s finishing her junior year with no place to go and no hope of continuing a career she loves," said Stacey Falzone, Haley's mother.

    They told Boston 25 News they've also heard rumors that dental hygiene students may potentially be able to finish their degrees on another campus with Mount Ida faculty.

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    "Every day there’s a new school involved, a new program nothing has been firmed up serious and that’s a problem," said Haley.

    At the board of education meeting set for tomorrow in Boston, the Falzones are planning on voicing their concerns and frustrations in hopes of finally getting some answers.

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