Mother of 'Baby Bella' changes plea, DA recommends time served

BOSTON — The mother of "Baby Bella" appeared in court Friday to officially change her plea as part of a plea deal.

"Bella was everything for Rachelle. Rachelle lives to see McCarthy convicted," said Rachelle Bond's defense attorney Janice Bassil.

Rachelle Bond is charged with being an accessory after the fact to the murder of her daughter, 2-year-old Bella Bond, and larceny over $250 by false purposes for allegedly continuing to accept public assistance after she knew of Bella's death in late May or early June of last year.

“She put her baby in a fridge for a month, lived in a house with Bella in a fridge, just that alone should be put away,” Bella’s godmother Megan Fewtrell said. “Letting her go with time served is not justice for Bella.”

Bond previously pleaded not guilty but was in court Friday to change her plea. The District Attorney recommended time served, two years probation in court as part of the deal, which includes testifying against her ex-boyfriend, Michael McCarthy.

"It's more than justice. I don't think she ever should have been charged," said Bassil.

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The body of a little girl was found in June 2015 on the shore of Deer Island. Dubbed "Baby Doe", the case would soon puzzle not only Massachusetts but people all over the nation, wondering what happened to the little girl and who she belonged to. But it would be several months until those questions were answered.

On Sept. 18, 2015, investigators searched the Mattapan apartment of Rachelle Bond and Michael McCarthy; the Suffolk County District Attorney said Bella Neveah Amoroso Bond was killed by her mother's boyfriend, Michael McCarthy.

A source told FOX25 that on the day of Bella's death, Bond had gone into her daughter’s room and reportedly saw McCarthy punching Bella because he believed she was possessed, before keeping her little body in a refrigerator for around a month until disposing of it.

The judge said that the sentence would not be imposed Friday, but after McCarthy's trial, which is set to begin in April.  The District Attorney said Bond has expressed commitment to cooperate fully against McCarthy.

Bond spoke in court and said she is taking meds for depression and anxiety. Her attorney said that Rachelle is another victim in the case.

"Why dont you walk in her shoes for a week and see how well you do?" Bassil said when questioned if the plea deal is justice.

Bond had already lost custody of her two older children prior to Bella's birth and had been arrested for sexual conduct with a fee, according to court documents. Bella's father said the baby was conceived in an Occupy Wall Street tent.

The judge accepted the plea deal for Bond. She will walk free after the trial is over.

The funeral for the little girl once known as Baby Doe was held Saturday.

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