Mother furious after unsupervised son wanders away from day care

BOSTON — A local mother is furious after her toddler was left unsupervised at a Dorchester day care and was found walking up a ramp to the commuter rail.

Ieysha Smith is a single mother who says she's always put her child's safety and education first and is calling this incident a childcare failure.

"I could’ve lost my son’s life this day," said Smith. "I could’ve been a mom right now crying to you guys because I lost a three-year-old son."

Smith told Boston 25 News she had dropped off her three-year-old, Ja-Mayron for his second day of school at ABCD Headstart on Geneva Avenue in Dorchester.

She says the staff and teachers let him out of their sight, allowing him to exit through the front door, walk along a busy road and start making his way up the commuter rail ramp when a teacher from another class found him.

"If they wouldn’t have gotten there four or three minutes sooner, my son could’ve been on platform of commuter rail station," said Smith.

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However, Smith says the most infuriating part about this was that, when she showed up to pick up her son later that day, none of the teachers told her what had happened. It wasn't until the next day the director called her.

"'Mommy, I was looking for you,' and that’s all he kept saying to me on Thursday," said Smith. "And then when she called me on Friday, I just started crying, like, that’s what he was talking about. He was looking for me. He was on the commuter rail platform, anything could’ve happened, he could’ve fell off and died, instantly."

ABCD confirms to us they are investigating the incident and have taken disciplinary action. In a statement, Sharon Scott-Chandler, the COO for Action for Boston Community Development  said: "We take these incidents very seriously. We have been doing this for over 50 years, and when something like this happens, it jumps to the top of our priority list."

Meanwhile, Smith says she won't be sending Ja-Maryon back to this school or any other until she feels he's safe.

"I work my butt off to make sure that my children are safe so I feel like I put my care and my trust in Geneva Ave Head Start, they’re there to watch my child - he wasn’t watched," said Smith. I’m beyond upset, but I’m gratefully thankful that I still have my child."

Smith says she will be meeting with the director and staff at the school on Wednesday morning to get answers and find other options for her son.

On Tuesday, she took him to work with her, but she knows she won't be able to every day.

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