• More than half of U.S. kids will have obesity at 35 if current trends continue


    Nearly six out of 10 of today's children will have obesity when they're 35, according to a new study released by Harvard.

    Researchers say if the current trends in child obesity continue, more than 57 percent of those children will be obese as an adult.

    The study was published in the November 30 issue of New England Journal of Medicine.

    Researchers also found excess weight in kids is predictive of adult obesity, and only children who are at a healthy weight have a less than 50 percent chance of having obesity as adults.

    "Adult obesity is linked with increased risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer," said Zachary Ward, the lead author of the study.

    The study found that three out of four two-year-olds with obesity will still have obesity at age 35, and for children with severe obesity, the risks are even greater.

    Researchers say it's imperative to implement programs to prevent weight gain from a young age.

    "Plenty of cost-effective strategies have been identified that promote healthy foods, beverages, and physical activity within school and community settings," Ward said.

    More information about that study can be found here

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