• More than 2,000 show up to fight speeding tickets issued by R.I. cameras


    PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Thousands of people lined up in a Providence courtroom all with one thing in common: they were busted for speeding by a camera.

    A total of 2,600 people showed up in municipal court to challenge their speeding tickets.

    Those tickets were all issued by controversial speed cameras set up to catch drivers going too fast in school zones.

    The cameras capture the speed and a picture of the car and then issue a $95 ticket.

    The system generated 12,000 tickets in the first 33 days and some of those who showed up to court say they got multiple tickets.

    Tickets are only supposed to be issued if people are going 11 miles per hour or more over the speed limit but one man says that wasn't true for him.

    The violation does not affect insurance or driving records.

    Providence has collected more than $436,000 in fines since the cameras were turned on.

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