Missing kayaker rescued after floating for 3 hours

Missing kayaker rescued after floating for 3 hours

GLOUCESTER, Mass. — The Coast Guard safely rescued a kayaker off Gloucester Saturday afternoon after a good Samaritan reported seeing an overturned orange kayak.

Two rescue boat crews and crews from the Salem and Beverly Harbormasters responded around 2:30 p.m. yesterday near House Island. The wife of the missing kayaker reported her husband late. When crews arrived, they found a dry bag containing a set of keys and a T-shirt.

After an hour of searching, the Beverly Harbormaster rescue crew found the kayaker wearing a life jacket. He floated in four-foot, 66-degree water for about three hours.

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"A life jacket really saved this man's life," said Ensign Isabella Stoyka, the duty public affairs officer for Sector Boston. "If his kayak was labeled, we may have found him sooner."​​​​​​​