Minnesotans rooting for one of their own - Tom Brady

The New England Patriots may have tapped into a new found fan base - Vikings fans. Minnesotans have no love loss for Philadelphia fans after the NFC Championship - plus, they now consider Tom Brady to be one of their own.

"For one week, we will be cheering for the Patriots," said Ben Wolcyn.

A bold statement in the Bold North. The declaration some fans now proudly wear across their chests

"My name is Paul Allen. There's a PA in Patriots, so go Pats," said Paul Allen.

That's the very voice of the Minnesota Vikings. Boston 25 News anchor Kerry Kavanaugh joined Paul Allen's radio show on KFAN to find out why Pats Nation suddenly gained so many new Midwest members.

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"There's no Viking fan rooting for the Eagles after what happened in Philadelphia," said Paul Charchian.

"The way fans were treated... I mean we really lost a lot of respect," said Shari Norton.

"When you get a whole crowd of people treating people the way Eagles fans were, we don't want no part of that so go Pats," said Nick Wolcyn.

It sounds like infamous Philly fans turned Minnesota red white and blue - at least for now.

"The hashtag should be changed from #BoldNorth to #BostonNorth," said Allen.

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There's one more thing Minnesotans love, one of their own.

"I guess he's Minnesota's favorite son," said Wolcyn.

Brady's mom grew up in the small town of Browerville and Brady visited his grandfather's farm every summer.

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"He loves Minnesota so we love him," said Norton.

And Minnesota might see him pick up Super Bowl ring no. 6.

Whether the new found fans amounts to anything in the stands remains to be seen Sunday.