Middleton residents waiting for weeks for garbage to be picked up

Middleton residents waiting for weeks for garbage to be picked up

MIDDLETON, Mass. — Trash and recycling are piling up on streets in one North Shore town.

Some Middleton residents have been waiting for weeks for their garbage to be picked up.

Most residents use the town transfer station for trash and recycling. But for those who pay for pickup through one particular company, and there are a lot, they're not getting that service, and they're also not getting answers.

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"It’s crappy business practices," said Tasha Cooper, Stallion Recycling customer. "People are pissed off."

Recycling bins overflowing, trash left out for weeks. Middleton residents who use Stallion Recycling are unhappy with the service, or lack thereof.

"This week, in particular, they were supposed to come on Thursday, and they haven’t showed up yet," Cooper said.

Recycling and trash pickups abruptly stopped. Some customers were left waiting for weeks.

"They ended up delaying pickups, not communicating pickups, and then come to find out, it is now February, mid-February and we haven’t had our trash picked up for two weeks," said Alex Wilkocki, Stallion customer.

Customers have been reaching out, but to no avail.

"We called them multiple times, no response. We reached out to them via Facebook, no response," he said.

We, too, tried emailing, and calling: The toll-free number rings non-stop.

The local number no longer accepts calls.

The company's Facebook page has several new 1-star reviews.

"Thanks for cashing February's check and not picking trash up," wrote one unhappy customer.

Another says: "Missed 4 pickups the last two weeks and will not return calls, and keeps billing our card for services they are clearly not doing."

"I’ve already reached out to a new vendor," wrote one customer.

Fed up, customers are moving on.

"I’m putting in calls to other companies," one said.

The town administrator said his office was not aware of the issues with Stallion until we contacted him, as the households that choose not to use the transfer station and pay for pickup enter into private arrangements with the company.