• Middlesex County drug bust: Authorities seize heroin, cocaine, cash


    Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan announced authorities had intercepted one of the most lucrative and dangerous drug rings in the area.

    Over 650 grams of suspected heroin, over 340 grams of suspected cocaine and about $60,000 in cash were seized in the bust on Thursday.

    Ryan said the bust was the largest her office has made this year.

    "The street value of the drugs before you has a street value of approximately $200,000," Ryan said. 

    The seizure is the result of a criminal investigation lasting over nine months into a large-scale drug ring involving runners operating out of Boston and parts of MetroWest.

    "These individuals were operating in an order by phone situation," Ryan said. "Where customers placed an order, and later that same day have an order delivered to their home."

    Ryan said three search warrants were executed that led to the arrest of two suspects.

    Three cars were seized, and a kilogram of suspected cocaine and heroin partially laced with the deadly opioid fentanyl, a combination known on the street as "fire."

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    "Even an experienced user buying what they believe is a safe amount of heroin, that heroin if laced with fentanyl is dangerous," Ryan said.

    With this big bust now in the books, Ryan hopes it'll curb drug use and possibly prevent future overdoses.

    "That's why we invest so much time and energy in this fight against opioids, which we can only do with law enforcement seizure of product on the streets," Ryan said.

    This investigation comes in the midst of a tough year for Middlesex County, having dealt with over 100 overdoses in 2018 so far.

    More than half of the cases are confirmed to have involved fentanyl and heroin.

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