Methuen Police go door-to-door spreading safety tips for delivery drivers

Methuen Police go door-to-door spreading safety tips for delivery drivers

METHUEN, Mass. — After a string of robberies targeting delivery drivers in the city, police in Methuen are going above and beyond to ensure everyone's safety.

Gang violence has recently been affecting businesses, such as Mano's Pizza, by placing orders and then robbing delivery drivers once they get to the location.

Two recent carjackings targeting pizza delivery drivers in the Merrimack Valley in the same week were gang-related, according to police.

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Now, officers have printed up flyers with safety tips and want to make sure people know what to do to stay safe.

Boston 25 News rode along with them on Thursday night as police made their way to over 20 restaurants to talk face to face with the delivery drivers.

The best way to ensure they stay safe when making their delivery rounds is to pinpoint what kind of suspicious activity to look for before they hit the streets.

"There's a lot of extra eyes on a lot of vehicles out there and that's a big plus for us as well," said Methuen Police Lieutenant Ron Valliere.

Officers spoke with the manager at Mano's Pizza and also stopped by Bada Bing's on Hampshire Street.

"Personal belongings, money, pizzas and stuff they're not worth it, safety is most important," said Lt. Valliere.

Drivers, however, say they're still on the edge, but having the extra face time with the officers has put them at ease.

"They know they've got our support, we've got their back," said Lt. Valliere.

In total, police spoke to employees at 26 different restaurants and have also posted their safety tips on social media.

"We don't know what's going on in the neighborhood, we don't know if somebody's waiting for us, that's why it is a risky job," said Jake Fotino, who works at Bada Bing.