Methuen man becomes judge on Lego Masters, says no dream is too crazy to pursue

A Methuen man who knew from the start what he wanted to be when he grew up achieved his dreams and now is helping others get there on LEGO Masters.

METHUEN, Mass. — There’s no dream too crazy to pursue, according to James Berard.

The Methuen-born and raised lego designer is perhaps one of the most famous builders in the world of the childhood staple building blocks. Now a Senior LEGO Designer based in Denmark, Berard once turned to his guidance counselor for help in chasing his dreams.

“When I met with him he explained his interest in constructing LEGO and he said, ‘You think I can do that?’” said Dave DeFillippo, the Director of Communications at Central Catholic High School.

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25 years later, Berard went on to become a judge on the popular TV show LEGO Masters on Boston 25.

“That was his only dream, he wanted nothing else – it’s not like some kids [who] want to be a fireman and then they want to be this, for him it was always a lego designer,” said Denise Berard, James’ mother.

The contestants on the show have between 15 to 18 hours to build impressive Lego boards according to each challenge given to them. While Berard seems like a tough critic, his mom says judging other people’s work is actually hard for him.

“He found it difficult to say anything negative at first and his big fear was, ‘I don’t want to come across as a mean judge, I just want to give constructive criticism,’” said Denise.

You can watch new LEGO Masters episodes on Boston 25 every Wednesday night at 9/8c