• Merrimack police, fire and SWAT team hold active shooter training drill


    MERRIMACK, N.H. - First responders in Merrimack, New Hampshire held an active shooter training drill Wednesday while students and teachers are on winter break.

    The Merrimack Police Department's SWAT Team and the Merrimack Fire Department teamed up for an active shooter drill inside the empty school.

    "We've come to realize in this day and age, these are the types of things we have to prepare for," said Merrimack Police Dept. Lt. Matthew Tareleton. 

    The training simulated an active shooter event with dummy victims.

    The exercise was pre-planned, before the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, but for the first time, the Merrimack SWAT team joined forces with the Fire Rescue Task Force for an active shooter drill.

    The drill had the SWAT Team responding and neutralizing a shooter.

    "They'll go where there are easy targets, cause they want the most amount of casualties in the least amount of time," said Tareleton.

    Then providing protection for the firefighters and paramedics as they tend to victims and pull them to safety.

    "Translates into saving lives. The more you work with each other, the more muscle memory you have on how to react in a situation. The more lives you can save and that's what we're here for," said Merrimack Fire Chief Mike Currier.

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