Memorial service held for jogger killed in hit-and-run

Memorial service held for jogger killed in hit-and-run

SUTTON, Mass. — A memorial service was held Wednesday evening for the man killed in a hit-and-run crash while jogging last week in Sutton.

It was a moving service, half of it in English and the other half in Portuguese, which was Daniel de Lima's native language.

Dozens gathered to remember De Lima at the memorial mass in Rockland, held by the priest of the church who actually knew de Lima for 20 years.

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Junea Picalho, de Lima's fiance, was blown away by all the people who came to pay their respects.

"I think he would be so happy to see so many patients, friends, his professor, coworkers," said Picalho.

She says he helped so many people as a psychologist for many years. The two had just bought a house in Millbury and planned on getting married next year.

"Kinda like building a new life together, he was so happy," she said.

De Lima was out jogging in Sutton last week when police say 39-year-old Shane Newman hit him and kept going. Newman was tracked down and arrested days later.

De Lima's sister told Boston 25 News she doesn't understand how someone could leave a person to die after an accident like this.

"I feel him around, I still feel him around I still kinda don’t understand everything that is happening, it’s almost like I'm going to wake up and tomorrow morning call him while I'm driving to work," said Andreia Makkas.

De Lima's family now hopes this serves as a harsh reminder for all drivers to be more careful.

"I know it’s horrible but I'm trying to make the best from this. I just want people out there to know you don’t need to speed you’re never too late," said Makkas.