Medford residents hearing the effects of major runway closure at Logan

MEDFORD, Mass. — Some residents in greater Boston cities say more and more airplanes are flying right over their homes.
MassPort recently began redirecting traffic because of runway construction.

Residents told Boston 25 News the traffic really picks up early in the morning and during rush hour. But it's also happening in the middle of the night.

In North Medford, residents say it's particularly hard on them because many of the neighborhoods are situated so high up.

Paul Accarino says he often hears the planes before he sees them fly right over his Medford home.

“Sometimes it's every five minutes. It really can wear on you,” he said.

In nearby Malden, air traffic is disrupting once peaceful walks.

“We know when we come here we're expecting quiet and peace to relax and before, it used to be calmer, but now plane is going back and forth,” Wellington Reginaldo told Boston 25.

Being so close to Boston, air traffic is expected in the area -- but something has changed.

Logan’s busiest runway has been under construction since mid-May, which means other runways – and approaches – are being used more.

One of those sets a path right over Somerville, Medford, Malden and beyond. According to MassPort data, that runway saw 98 arrivals in April. But it jumped to more than 1,910 in May.

There only a total of 1,216 arrivals on that runway in 2016.

Medford Mayor Stephanie Burke says she is working with MassPort to make sure that traffic burden isn't absorbed by just a handful of communities.

“We are under 20 minutes from Logan…we have to share some of the detriment, but as long as it’s equally dispersed,” Mayor Burke said.

MassPort says the runway is expected to reopen for use by June 23.

“We're certainly feeling it, it's a lot of frustration,” said Burke.

She added new federal safety standards had already increased traffic over Medford before the closure.