• Medfield Police: 'Home invader' was repairman at wrong house


    MEDFIELD, Mass. - Police in Medfield say they are no longer trying to identify a man they say barged into a woman's home uninvited.

    The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon on Morse Drive when the intruder, claiming to be a dishwasher repairman, walked into the woman's home without her permission.

    When the homeowner told him she hadn't called for a repairman, the stranger wasn't phased and stayed inside the house for several minutes, walking around as though he was casing it. 

    It was only until her dog started barking that the intruder got scared and left.

    The homeowner told Boston 25 News she had a gut feeling something wasn't right about her unexpected visitor.

    Medfield Police later said it was discovered that the man was, in fact, a repairman and was supposed to be at a house on Morse Road in the town of Sherborn, not Medfield. Police say they spoke with the local business and confirmed the description of the repairman.

    The investigation has been closed.

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