MBTA waiting to announce cause of Red Line derailment

MBTA waiting to announce cause of Red Line derailment

BOSTON — MBTA officials have received laboratory test results that they believe will help identify the cause of a June 11 Red Line derailment, but do not plan to make the findings public until next month despite previously saying they expected an answer by now.

The investigation has zeroed in on a problem with the 50-year-old train car or its wheel truck that was last replaced in 2014, but officials said a metallurgical analysis was needed to determine which pieces were damaged as a result of the derailment and which breakdown might have caused it.

At an Aug. 12 T board meeting, MBTA Deputy General Manager Jeff Gonneville said he expected to receive responses to key questions with that analysis and have a final answer in about two weeks.

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Spokesman Joe Pesaturo said Thursday that staff have indeed received the laboratory results, but plan to continue their analysis and present findings at the next Fiscal and Management Control Board meeting currently scheduled for Sept. 16,

"(Gonneville) feels confident that, between now and the next meeting, he and his staff will have sufficient time to analyze the test results and make informed determinations," Pesaturo said.

Investigators previously ruled out track infrastructure flaws, foul play and operator error as reasons for the June 11 derailment, which damaged signal infrastructure and created months of delays.

Some repairs are complete, and officials said they expect full service to be restored some time in October.