Blown engine causes more delays on Red Line

Blown engine causes more delays on Red Line

QUINCY, Mass. — Red Line passengers can't catch a break. A week after a train went off the rails, a blown train engine caused even more delays.

Mark Hohmann was on the Braintree bound train when he saw and smelled smoke.

"I look around and all of a sudden, we're going through this trail of smoke that's pretty much in front of us," Hohmann said.

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According to the T, the Quincy Fire Department was called to the North Quincy T stop to inspect a southbound train that had a motor problem. Firefighters cleared the train to continue to Braintree, but delays were reported.

"Still, they are not able to fix it, but we have to live with it."

Starting Wednesday, the MBTA will no longer be running extra Commuter Rail trains to ease the ride into the city for Red Line commuters on the South Shore. Those riders are still being urged to give themselves extra time.

Meanwhile, Mayor Marty Walsh is firing back at MBTA leaders who rejected his call to postpone the fare hikes that are scheduled to roll out July 1, saying there's no checks and balances in place for the transit agency.

Walsh is pushing legislation on Beacon Hill that would allow him to appoint someone to the MassDOT board, which oversees the T. Walsh was a supporter of the fare hikes, but after seeing the headaches that Red Line commuters have dealt with since last week, he changed his tune.

But the T says planning to get those fare hikes in place on July 1 have been in the works for months and it's too late to stop them now.

That response didn't sit well with Walsh.

"There's no reason they can't hold it. I know they're talking about equipment and it's already programmed in the computer. Change it and change now for people so people have adequate service. It's that simple. It's not that complicated," he said.

The T is no longer providing the extra Commuter Rail trains south of Boston, but transit leaders say any Red Line rider who wants to get on a scheduled Commuter Rail train at Braintree, Quincy Center or JFK/UMass, can do so with a CharlieCard or subway ticket - but only until Friday. After that, they'll have to buy a Commuter Rail ticket.