Mayors speak out against Trump's pledge to defund sanctuary cities

BOSTON — Local mayors are speaking out after President Donald Trump's move to strip funding for cities that protect illegal immigrants.

"The latest executive orders and statements by the president about immigrants are a direct attack on Boston's people, Boston's strength and Boston's values," said Mayor Marty Walsh.

Boston, Cambridge and Somerville are among the list of cities around the country that are sanctuary cities, which means there are policies in place to limit federal immigration enforcement. It's a broad term and the exact details vary from city to city.

"Somerville will stand with you regardless of your race, creed, color, gender, nationality, legal status, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation, and Somerville, let me be clear, will be made a sanctuary city," said Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone.

Trump's executive order would cease federal funding to all sanctuary cities. Curtatone tweeted Wednesday that the order was all for show.