Worcester to break ground on stadium for Triple-A team

Worcester to break ground on stadium for Triple-A team

WORCESTER, Mass. — The Paw-Sox are coming to Worcester.

The groundbreaking for their new home, "Polar Park," will happen on Thursday afternoon.

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The 10,000-seat ballpark will be ready for the 2021 baseball season.

Developers told Boston 25 News that they believe the park will revitalize the Kelley Square area.

The development will sit on land in the Canal District and will expand 18 acres. In addition to the stadium, they'll build  hotels, shopping and an apartment building.

"It’s time for Worcester to rise and I think it’s Worcester’s time right now," said Howard Kaplan of Worcester.

Worcester residents see nothing but good thinigs ahead as developers plan to break ground on the $100 million baseball stadium in the Canal District.

"We’re excited about the Worcester Red Sox calling this home," said Janet Marie Smith, design advisor.

Developers plan on breaking ground on the 18-acre site on Thursday afternoon.

Polar Park intends on openinig for the spring 2021 baseball season.

Initial renderings show the footprint of the park along Madison Street.

But ballpark design advisor Janet Marie Smith says polar park won't look quite like this.

Updated renderings of the park's architecture will be unveiled during Thursday's ceremony.

Although completion is less than two years away, some residents are looking forward to a positive spin on an empty area.

"I hope everyone looks at it as a positive thing, it’s going to bring business into local areas, hoping it would bring people together and make the area nicer," Keane said.

Although there is no set date for the first game, they plan to have the now Worcester Red Sox play here in April 2021.