Travel agents flooded with calls as European travel to open

“We are getting a surge, it’s as if the dam has burst,” said Dominique Callimanopulos, president and CEO of Elevate Destinations.

News that travel will soon open up across Europe is resulting in lots of calls to local travel advisors and agents.

“People really want to travel, but they also want to have a good time. They don’t necessarily want to go to an environment where they are feeling like wow things are things are on lock down here because a lot of places in Europe are still in lockdown,” Callimanopulos said.

That’s why it may be the best time ever to work with a local travel agent.

“We are reading articles and doing research every day,” said Linday Kruzlik

Linda Kruzlik at Pioneer Valley Travel said helping tourists navigate the new world of traveling around the world is keeping her team busy.

“Clients and friends and family are coming back in waves, and we are starting to get a lot of new people calling because there are so many variables going on right now and there are so many different things that they need to know,” Kruzlik said.

Some destinations are already seeing interest.

“Seeing a lot of Iceland at the moment, their COVID-19 numbers are rock bottom, they have good protocols – it’s such an easy flight – we are seeing a trend of people not wanting to travel for too long,” Callimanopulos said.

Safety is a huge driver for travelers and agents.

“We are getting where can we go safely and what do we need to get there,” Kruzlik said.

Right now, being fully vaccinated is one of them, and, so far, most kids are not.

That’s why many families are still staying in the U.S.

“We are seeing a lot of families having a strong interest in domestic travel – Alaska, Hawaii, the national parks – and that makes sense.”

Tips from the agents on travel right now:

- Be flexible

- Consider a trip in the fall

- Laminate your vaccination card or take picture on your phone