State Health Department now investigating COVID -19 testing site

NEEDHAM, Mass. — The lines are shorter outside the Center for Covid Control in Needham after complaints from the town of Needham but people are still coming to get tested.

“I think I’m going to take my chances and try to get one,” said Kelly Horn of Jamaica Plain.

We told Kelly Horn the town of Needham sent a complaint letter to the Massachusetts Attorney General and the state Department of Public Health. Both are now concerned people are waiting longer than the 48 hours promised on the Center for Covid Control’s website for PCR test results.

On Wednesday the AG’s office confirmed for Boston 25 that it received five similar complaints against the Center for Covid Control.

Boston 25 has also learned that the Department of Public Health is now investigating the company and issuing this warning for consumers:

  • Residents are urged not to visit the Center for COVID Control for a COVID-19 test.
  • Massachusetts Department of Public Health

But Horn decided to go anyway because she needed a test for her job in healthcare.

“It’s a little concerning but I still think I’m going to try to do it,” said Horn.

Boston 25 told you about people who got tested at the site and did not get their results back for several days. Some like Sandy Tam are still waiting.

“So, I did not get my results within the 3 days,” said Sandy Tam from Medfield.

It’s now been more than a week and Tam said she’s not happy about the long wait.

“My personal experiences I’ll never go back there. Now I’m telling everybody don’t go there either,” said Tam.

But Horn who took the rapid test had a different experience. She says it was quick and easy and hopes her gamble pays off.

“In the greater scheme of things I could go to a place somewhere else but I’d probably be waiting a really long time too. So, I’m just kind of hedging my bets I guess,” said Horn.

She later told us she got her results back in 30 minutes.

We reached out to the Center for Covid Control again for comment and have still not heard back.