Orange Line suspended from Sullivan Square to Ruggles for weekend work

Final weekend of Orange Line repairs suspends service between Sullivan Square and Ruggles

BOSTON — It's the final weekend of repairs on the Orange Line and the MBTA says it will extend the work to two additional stations.

The MBTA is adding Mass. Ave and Ruggles to the list of stations that will be closed from Friday night until Monday morning. This is the last weekend of planned work on the Orange Line, where service between Sullivan Square and Tufts has been suspended for the past five weeks.

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"Every time we're able to do these improvements it increases our level of reliability and level of resilience," said Steve Poftak, the General Manager of the MBTA.

What it means

No Orange Line service between Sullivan Square and Ruggles from Friday, Nov. 8 at 8:45 p.m. through the start of service Monday, Nov. 11.

"It's a nuisance, but I also know in the long run this is great to have new trains and a public transit system that works," said Andy Sell of Jamaica Plain. "And it's getting better every day."

How to get around

Replacement bus service will run in place of trains between Sullivan Square and Ruggles and the T says buses will stop near the stations that are closed Riders can use the E-branch of the Green Line to get around much of the same route as the Orange Line. The T says it will add additional capacity to Green Line cars in anticipation of increased ridership.

Red Line riders, you're next

The Red Line is getting similar improvements requiring service shutdowns on weekends, starting Nov. 15, with shuttles replacing normal service between Kendall/MIT and Broadway stations.