Amherst professor writes book about President Trump refusing to concede the election

Amherst professor writes book about President Trump refusing to concede the election

AMHERST, Mass. — President Trump reportedly met with his political and White House advisors on Tuesday to discuss the next steps in his legal strategy. There are no signs he plans to concede the election.

An Amherst College law professor wrote a book over the summer that prepares us for the president’s refusal to concede.

“I guess I would describe it as shocking, but unsurprising,” said Lawrence Douglas.  

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Douglas is the author of a book that came out just months before the election. It’s called ‘Will He Go? Trump And The Looming Election Meltdown of 2020.’

“I certainly imagine at some point the president submitting to defeat without ever actually recognizing that this was a legitimate outcome,” Douglas said.

In refusing to concede the election, President Trump claims he would have won were it not for what he claims are illegal votes counted in several states that he lost or where he is currently trailing.  The president and his allies have offered, what they say, is proof but legal challenges have largely been rejected by the courts.  One of the scenarios Douglas predicted in his book was that the president would boast of winning before the race was actually called. 

“That he would try to leverage whatever lead he had on Election Day into what I believe is a premature claim of victory and then try to discredit mail in ballots as the product of fraud,” he said.

Douglas said blaming a potential election loss on fraud is something the president has been pushing for months. In a tweet on July 30, President Trump claimed potential problems with mail-in ballot fraud would lead to the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history.

“I think one thing we can say about President Trump is that he is not a particularly cryptic person. He usually telegraphs well in advance what his plans are and I was not alone in predicting that he would engage in this kind of refusal to concede,” Douglas stated.

Douglas also said that by submitting to defeat without actually conceding in many ways is a strategy of brand maintenance for the president and it won’t tarnish him in the minds of his ardent followers.

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