Mass State trooper accused of domestic violence relieved of duties

The Massachusetts State Police have relieved Trooper Michael Atton of all duties after his weekend arrest on a charge of domestic violence. Boston 25 News does not identify victims of domestic violence.

At Wrentham District Court, Trooper Atton pleaded not guilty to a charge that he assaulted a member of his family. The alleged incident took place Saturday night at the Wrentham apartment complex where Trooper Atton lives.

According to Wrentham Police, an ambulance was called when the alleged victim fell off a chair at the apartment complex pool. A Wrentham police officer wrote in a report that the victim seemed to be severely intoxicated and had glassy eyes.

The officer noticed bruising on the victim’s arms and legs. When questioned, the victim said Trooper Atton had earlier grabbed the victim, pulled the victim’s arm behind the victim’s back, handcuffed the victim and threw the victim to the floor.

The victim told police the alleged incident happened seven hours earlier, at about 3 p.m., after the two had argued. Trooper Atton was quickly arrested. The next day, a Wrentham Police Detective interviewed the victim who told the detective, handcuffs were never used in the incident.

Trooper Atton took the stand in his own defense in a dangerousness hearing at Wrentham District Court. Trooper Atton testified that he spent most of Saturday sleeping after an overnight shift. He denied there was an argument or a physical altercation.

Trooper Atton said he believes the victim spent much of the day at the pool, drinking. He said he only became aware that an ambulance was called when a mutual friend woke him up telling him the victim was drunk and had fallen off a chair.

Trooper Atton testified the victim struggles with alcoholism. The Trooper also said the victim suffers from a form of anemia that produces frequent deep bruising.

The District Court judge denied a prosecutors request to hold Trooper Atton without bail. Instead, he was released on $5,000 bail and is ordered to stay away from the victim. The case continues at Wrentham District Court in July.

In a statement, the Massachusetts State Police said Trooper Atton is relieved of his duties and that an Internal Affairs investigation is underway.

The victim did not appear in court.