Mass. State Police launching dedicated unsolved crime unit

Mass. State Police launching dedicated unsolved crime unit

There is new hope for the families of unsolved crimes across the state for the first time in nearly 20 years. The Massachusetts State Police is unveiling a brand new dedicated unresolved case unit.

It was 33 years ago today that State Police Col. Kerry Gilpin last saw her sister alive. Tracy Gilpin's murder case went unsolved for three decades before there was finally an arrest.

That case is in the courts and now Col. Gilpin says it's time to try to get justice for so many other families across the state.

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"Every victim deserves a voice and we hope to give that voice to victims," said Gilpin.

Gilpin is fueling a long-standing promise to prioritize unsolved cases, many of them murders.

Gilpin is forming an unresolved case unit inside the state police, assigning five troopers, along with command staff, working with district attorneys to exclusively investigate unsolved cases.

"They'll be working with the local police departments, they'll be working with the DA offices. I think it will be a collaborative, almost a task force approach," she told Boston 25 News reporter Bob Ward.

"It's kind of good news for a family like mine."

Gerri Houde's sister Theresa Corley was murdered in Bellingham in 1978. The case is still unsolved.

"We've been waiting so long. Just knowing there's going to be another push to get these unresolved cases, solved. And pursued. It brings a lot of hope, actually," she said.

"It gives them hope. My sister's case, we had an arrest after 31 years. And if I can do that, this unit, the Mass. State Police, the DA office, and the administration can do that for another family. I think it speaks volumes," said Gilpin.

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