Mass. men reel in 920-pound tuna aboard 'Wicked Tuna' boat

Mass. men reel in 920-pound tuna aboard 'Wicked Tuna' boat

GLOUCESTER, Mass. ( – A group of Massachusetts men fishing with a captain from the reality show "Wicked Tuna" had a hunch they were going to catch something big, but they had no idea they would be reeling in a 920-pound bluefin tuna.

Dracut residents Gregg Looney, Brian Keefe and Michael St. Jean, along with Chelmsford resident Allan Gourley, Lynnfield resident Brian Shaffer, and Wicked Tuna captain Kevin Leonowert, of Topsfield, were anticipating a large catch when they went out on their fishing trip off the tip of Cape Cod July 31, reports The Lowell Sun.

The men took turns reeling in the tuna while the big fish dragged the boat 4 ½ miles before being caught.

According to the newspaper, the 9-foot tuna is the largest one to come into Gloucester Harbor this year. It took the men nearly three hours to reel the massive fish onto Leonowert's boat, the Huntress, which is featured on the National Geographic television show.

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Leonowert, who has been fishing for about 30 years and has caught larger tuna, told the newspaper this catch, while smaller, was more challenging than any other catch.

For more information and to watch the video: The Lowell Sun

*Warning: The video contains explicit language*