MGH doctor in charge of Big Papi's recovery effort

Mass General Hospital doctor in charge of Big Papi's recovery effort

BOSTON — At the world-famous Massachusetts General Hospital, it's all eyes on the former Red Sox star slugger David Ortiz.

After his second surgery, this time at MGH, Ortiz is now awake and resting comfortably in the intensive care unit.

Ortiz's wife, Tiffany, posted a thank you message on Instagram and mentioned Dr. Larry Ronan, who is caring for Ortiz in Boston.

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Ronan is the Red Sox medical director, who served as the team's internist since 2005. He was also late Sen. Edward Kennedy's doctor during his brain cancer treatment.

The legendary baseball player had his gallbladder and part of his intestine removed by a team of surgeons in the Dominican Republic. The 43-year-old was shot in the back while he was at a bar in Santo Domingo, in his native Dominican Republic.

"This is a surprise, worst surprise for every David Ortiz fan and we in the Dominican Republic, everybody is in shock," said Luis Aguavibaa, a journalist from the Dominican Republic who flew to Boston.

The alleged shooter, Eddy Feliz Garcia, was arrested and beaten by several patrons.

"We are all interested about David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic, everybody is watching the TV," Aguavibaa said.

Fans in Boston and in the Dominican Republic are just hoping for a full recovery.

"Everybody wants David Ortiz to heal quickly soon. He’s strong, will be okay," one fan said.

A spokesperson said Ortiz will be in the intensive care unit for several days.