Marshfield Police searching for suspect who gave officers a fake name

MARSHFIELD, Mass. — Marshfield Police are on the hunt for a man accused of giving officers a fake name during his arrest, according to Chief Phillip Tavares.

Police stopped a pick-up truck early Tuesday morning and arrested the three men inside. Jonathan Zakas, 35, had four warrants our for his arrest and faces numerous other charges. The passenger, Adam Parsons, 41, had a single warrant out for his arrest and was charged with conspiracy.

Officers found the third man hiding under a blanket in the back of the pick-up truck. He identified himself as 51-year-old Michael Carpine. He gave officers Carpine’s correct date of birth, social security number and former address. The suspect is also said to have similar physical characteristics to an old Registry of Motor Vehicles photo of Carpine. The suspect was charged conspiracy and drug-related violations.

Officers took fingerprints of all three suspects. They later discovered the trio had planned to break into a jewelry store in Pembroke.

The suspect, still believed to be Carpine, was released by a judge on his own person recognizance because he had no previous criminal convictions. However, a close family of Carpine called Marshfield Police on Wednesday to inform them Carpine died more than a year ago.

The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department Bureau of Criminal Investigation ran the fingerprints taken of the suspect through the Automated Fingerprint Identification System and discovered the suspect’s true identity is Matthew Parsons. Parsons is the brother of Adam Parsons.

Police said Matthew Parsons has an extensive criminal history, including an active warrant for his arrest out of Weymouth for breaking and entering, destruction of property and larceny.

On Thursday, another warrant was issued for Matthew Parson’s arrest on charges of providing a false name, identity fraud, obstruction of justice, conspiracy and drug-related violations.

Police said Parsons frequents the South Shore and is believed to be homeless.

All three suspects travel together and work odd handyman jobs from time to time.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Matthew Parsons is urged to contact the Marshfield Police at 781-834-6655.