Marathon bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet 'ready for an epic comeback' after crash

Marathon bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet 'ready for an epic comeback' after crash

After being hit by a car on Commonwealth Avenue last week, Boston Marathon bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet posted an update on Instagram, saying she's "ready for an epic comeback."

Haslet posted on Twitter almost a week after the crash, expressing how grateful she was for everyone's support after she ended up in the hospital following a pedestrian crash.

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"There is no arrangement of the 26 letters we all have to choose from to articulate my gratitude for the love and support this past week," Haslet wrote.

While Haslet didn't provide any specifics on her condition, she said she was "still in a lot of pain," and admitted she had a "long road ahead." However, she said she wasn't going to let it stop her in her journey.

"I've been through worse," Haslet said. "One thing is for certain; I'm ready for an epic comeback."

Haslet was a professional dancer before she lost part of her leg during the 2013 Marathon bombing, and she has since become a motivational speaker.

Haslet planned to run the 2019 Boston Marathon for her new foundation, chronicling her training with Heartbreak Hill on social media. Monday, Heartbreak Hill Running President Dan Fitzgerald tweeted, "Our team name, the Heartbreakers, is usually a cute play on words relating to life and racing and their intersections. With this, the team is actually heartbroken. Sending love to @adriannehaslet."