Mansfield firetruck catches fire inside firehouse

MANSFIELD, Mass. — Firefighters in Mansfield had to battle flames inside their own firehouse early Wednesday morning.

It all started when one of the firetrucks caught on fire. Firefighters say, however, the truck was used the night before and, according to the chief, his men saw no signs that there was a problem.

Firefighters were upstairs when they were alerted by smoke detectors that there was a fire inside their own house.

The fire seems to have broken out just before 3 a.m. and was put out within the hour.

When they went downstairs, the truck was engulfed in flames, but the men were able to save the other fire truck and an ambulance that were in the other bays.

Four on-duty firefighters were at the firehouse when the fire broke out. Firefighters often sleep in the firehouse.

Two of them were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation.

The fire went to two alarms, where companies from Sharon, Foxborough, Norton and Easton all helped out.

At this point in time, the chief is still trying to figure out where this firehouse will operate out of. Mansfield has another firehouse.

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