Man who allegedly threatened city councilor runs from police, resists arrest

Man who allegedly threatened city councilor runs from police, resists arrest

BOSTON — A man accused of making several threats against a Boston city councilor was arrested on Monday after leading police on a pursuit and fighting officers.

Boston City Councilor Michael Flaherty said he, his family, staff and neighbors have all long been harassed by 53-year-old John Donovan.

"He [said he] was going to kill Michael Flaherty and Michael Flaherty is a terrorist and anyone associated with Michael Flaherty is a terrorist," said Flaherty. "He has terrorized a lot of people in this community."

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Flaherty says, however, things began to escalate during the weekend when Donovan went around the neighborhood making threatening statements.

Police had secured an arrest warrant by Monday morning, but Donovan did not go without a fight, prompting a police pursuit.

"That high-speed chase that he led today going over curbs and sidewalks they said he was going over 70mph on West 7th Street around schools and the boys and girls clubs around our seniors this could have been a lot worse," said Flaherty.

At one point during the pursuit, Donovan stopped by Flaherty's headquarters on East Broadway and made even more threats. Police eventually caught up with him at the nearby Stop and Shop parking lot.

"He made multiple attempts to ram their cruisers, to try to run the officers and it’s my understanding that they had to smash the window to reach in and to get the vehicle under control and at which point he’s punching and thrashing and fighting and biting," said Flaherty.

According to Flaherty, some officers sustained minor injuries.

Long-term, the city councilor says he hopes Donovan is able to receive mental health treatment. While he's thankful the suspect is in police custody, he will be more grateful once he gets the mental help he needs.

Donovan is set to appear in court on Tuesday morning to answer to several charges.