• Man searching for owner after finding $50K worth of savings bonds in envelope

    By: Malini Basu


    BOSTON - Tens of thousands of dollars worth of bonds were found tucked away in an old dresser in an East Boston apartment. 

    Joshua October, an R&B singer who grew up in Florida moved to East Boston about two years ago. About six months ago, he found an envelope in a dresser that was left behind.

    "I seen this white envelope here, I was confused. As I opened it, it was a paper with bonds," October said.

    More than $50,000 worth of bonds were left in the envelope. 

    "I seen it and I’m like omg, what do I do. It’s like finding a bag of money. Keep it or return it to the rightful owner," he said. 

    The bonds were purchased in the mid to late 90s and belong to Albert Shaharian, who lives on Brookdale Road in North Providence. 

    "I tried to reach out to the person who they belong to. I Google searched, White Pages, called a few places. I went to an elderly home, they were like there is no one here by that name," October said. 

    Boston 25 News tried to find a valid phone number, but the one we called was out of service. 

    So we went to North Providence to see if the rightful owner was home. 

    Neighbors tell us Shaharian was over 100 years old and died a few years ago. 

    "I believe doing the right thing is right. My mom, a single mom raised me right," said October. 

    The family who now owns the house helped us get a phone number for one of his relatives. We reached out to Shaharian's nephew and left a message with his wife. When we hear back, we'll update this story. 

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