Man home from hospital after electric shock by Christmas lights

MERRIMACK, N.H. — The Merrimack, New Hampshire family’s Christmas lights are all up and running, except for the giant tree where a man got hit with 20,000 volts.

Bill Desroche is home from the hospital, although he’s got severe burns on his feet. His wife, Karen, is calling the whole thing a pretty shocking experience.

Their Glen Forest Drive home has had a holiday display for nearly 30 years. Bill Desroche was stringing up the big tree in the front yard when the electricity from the home’s main power line arced to the metal pole he was using to get the tall branches.

It shot straight through him, burning holes in his socks.

Karen heard it from inside when it happened.

“Ground shattering explosion then I saw all the smoke and came flying outside,” she told FOX25.

“It tenses up all the muscles in your body, just get all cramped up … but your mind moves pretty quick, you know exactly what’s happening when it’s happening,” said Bill.

Aside from third-degree burns and a risk for infection, Bill says he’s doing alright

“Feeling good, the feet are a little sore,” he said.

They are both counting their blessings – doctors say it is amazing Bill survived.

Next year they said they’ll be more careful when stringing the lights, but will continue the holiday tradition.