Man cited after fight with older man over handicap parking space

SWAMPSCOTT, Mass. – An altercation over a handicap parking space was caught on camera Wednesday afternoon, and police tell Boston 25 News one of the men is going to be cited.

The 11-second video, which swept across Facebook pages around the area, shows a younger man push an older man, knocking him to the ground.

The altercation started because the younger man, who isn’t being identified because he isn’t facing criminal charges, was sitting in his truck in a handicap parking spot.

When the older man approached him with his handicap placard in hand and asked for the space things turned physical.

“All he said was ‘my car is running and I’m allowed to sit here,’” Marcie, the woman who recorded the video, said. “The word entitled is exactly what came to my mind at the beginning.”

In the video, Marcie can be heard telling the men she recorded what happened and was going to call 911, but that apparently didn’t stop it from continuing.

“After the older gentleman was on the ground, he got back up and they started to fight again, actually worse.  I wish I got that film,” she said.

Swampscott police tell Boston 25 News they responded to the altercation. They say the man who was knocked to the ground declined to press charges, but they did issue the younger guy a citation for illegally parking in a handicap spot.