Man accused of attacking Trump supporters in NH tells judge he’s sorry

Man accused of attacking Trump supporters in NH tells judge he?s sorry

WINDHAM, N.H. — The New Hampshire man accused of attacking two Trump supporters outside a polling place faced a judge on Friday.

Even though Patrick Bradley plead not guilty to disorderly conduct and assault charges, he did tell the judge he was sorry. This, however, isn’t the first time he’s been accused of assault.

“I just let my emotions get the best of me on a certain day,” said Bradley.

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In 2016, Bradley was charged in Haverhill for driving offenses and failed to show up to court for those charges, according to court documents. He also has a history of drug charges, along with assault and reckless conduct.

Prosecutors say the 34-year-old slapped a 15-year-old across the face as he was leaving a polling place in Windham, NH during Tuesday’s primary. The minor was a part of a group of people who had been holding signs supporting President Trump.

When two men tried to intervene, police say Bradley attacked them, punching both men in the face. Bradley then allegedly tried to knock over the tent they had been sitting under.

Bradley, who has not yet retained a lawyer, represented himself in court on Friday for his arraignment and bond hearing, where he asked the judge to release him from jail.

“This is a big screw-up,” said Bradley. “I have a lot of things going for me and I made a huge mistake and I’d really like to push forward with my life and work through this."

The judge sided with the state and set Bradley’s bail at $5,000 and referenced the fugitive charges he’s faced in the past.

“This appeared to be a completely unprovoked attack which, again, I think the nature of his charges go to his dangerousness and there is evidence the state presented regarding risk of flight as well as dangerousness,” said the Assistant District Attorney.

Bradley told the judge he struggles with mental health and said it’d be best if he was released.

“I have a set place of support with a caseworker, a therapist, I have a solid place to live,” said Bradley. “I have roots here, I’m part of a Maker’s placed to do welding. I have lots of things that keep me around here."

The judge ruled Bradley should be jailed for 72 hours for violation probation, but can be released afterward on a $5,000 assurity bond.