Malden neighborhood, Asian restaurants targeted by teen vandals

Malden neighborhood, Asian restaurants targeted by teen vandals

MALDEN, Mass. — In broad daylight, a teenager and two friends casually walk into Saigon envy and throw what appears to be an egg.

"They almost hit [a] customer. Luckily, she was just sitting there eating and it hit the wall instead of hitting her," the restaurant's owner, Tom Le, said.

Le has owned the restaurant in downtown Malden for 6 months.

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He says he's not alone. Several other nearby Asian restaurants have also been targeted, including Pho 99. The owner did not want to go on camera in fear of retribution, but Le says the teens are getting more and more brazen.

"One kid was on the phone taping it, and another kid was behind laughing at it," said Le.

Around the corner, a neighbor believes the same teens are terrorizing his neighborhood.

He has captured several disturbing incidents from his home surveillance camera.

The man, who did not want to show his face or use his name, says he and his family feel intimidated and targeted. He claims the teens recently threw bottles at their home, breaking two windows.

"It’s very frustrating that these kids are doing this to not only us but other people around our area. It doesn’t feel safe anymore and it’s very frustrating," he said.

The man's surveillance camera also captured a group of teens trying to grab a woman's earbuds as she is out walking.

Malden police told Boston 25 News investigators are reviewing several of the surveillance videos and charges could be coming against several teenagers.