Making the best of a rainy start to July in Massachusetts

PLYMOUTH, Mass. — The rain streak in July continues.

It has now been 13 days with some sort of rain.

Some of those days of course have been complete wash outs.

Kyle Gaudreau took his family camping and he says he has a secret to keeping his family happy in this weather.

“I just try to keep everything dry because I don’t like being wet so I try to keep everything dry,” Gaudreau said.

Brian Saunders is one of the owners at Pinewood Lodge Campground in Plymouth.

“Campers are resilient and they find unique ways to keep dry,” Saunders said.

The campground will celebrate 60 years next year.

Saunders said this July may be one of the worst in their five generations of owning the campground but he says the campers always find a way to make the best of it.

Pop-up tents have been very popular.

“They’ll tie them all together in cool shapes in this kind of this living area outside. A lot of people have amazing rigs with awnings and screen rooms that come down,” Saunders said.

Sandy Ferrucci is the owner of Sandys at Plymouth Beach. He is hoping the rest of July has the weather that packs beaches because he says it keeps his business running.

“In our business we need some nice warm sunny days and everything will turn out great,” Ferrucci said.

A family from Indiana was in Plymouth after road tripping there.

Ryan Shoemaker says they had rain the entire drive but Tuesday’s gloomy day is the best weather day so far.

“We were rained on the whole way here so today is actually a nice change,” said Shoemaker.